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GirlsCoding is a Non-governmental organization that is very passionate about the Girl child and the education of the Girl child. We are passionate about increasing the number of females in STEM, training the girls in an underserved community and improving the resourcefulness of young girls and women through our widespread packages. GirlsCoding empowers young ones at school with our well seasoned short exciting courses and STEM projects. GirlsCoding is focused on using a structured STEM curriculum to train young ones. GirlsCoding enriches the underserved girls with strong IT skills and improves their resourcefulness. We aim to increase the number of girls in tech in the world as a whole.


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Hope Basket

Hope Basket serve as the middlemen connecting the priviledge willing to give, and giving to the less priviledged. We collect items like Clothes, Shoes, Educational Materials, Food Items, Toys and other useful items. There is a fine line between giving to the poor and giving to their addiction.

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Makoko Fresh

Makoko Fresh realised that there are lot of middle men between the fishermen and the final consumers. The fishermen who are the real hustlers do not make much gain like the middlemen so we decided to help them by building this platform so it will be between and the final consumers.

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Break the Blade

Aims to create awareness and stop the rate of female genital mutilation in the communities , country and the world at large , and we hope by creating awareness , the rate of female genital mutilation will stop and also stop the death of the girl child in the community and the society at large.

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African Beauty

Passionate about black Africans who have bleached their skin and those who are yet to, but think its the best option. And to create awareness about the side effects of skin bleaching. To also make them realise that bleaching is not fashion but destruction to their skin.

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The behaviour of connecting grassroot readers to writers and.There is a saying that states "If you want to hide anything from an african man hide it in a book cause they dont read".We are passionate in increasing world readers in the world as a whole.

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Career Path

Career path is composed of a sequence of jobs that make up your career plan. Career path and career plan may sound alike but they are not.the first thing to know is that while it includes the jobs/occupation, you will need to hit your ultimate career goal.